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As of March 7 2019, the Office of the Public Guardian will be positioned within the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice. Since July 2016 the Department of Health have been the host agency for the independent Office of the Public Guardian.

Coinciding with this move is the transfer of the financial management of Represented Adults’ finances to the Public Trustee. This will centralise this function within the Northern Territory Government. Current orders appointing the Public Guardian will transfer to the Public Trustee in a phased transition throughout 2019, with continuity of service being the highest priority

These moves will bring the Northern Territory in line with other jurisdictions across Australia and positions the Office of the Public Guardian with all other independent offices within the Northern Territory.

The Office of the Public Guardian will continue to be appointed as guardian for personal matters and provide guardianship information, advocacy, and education to the Northern Territory community.

Please see the Ministers announcement here.

To learn more about the changes, please see our facts sheets.