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The Office of the Public Guardian is carefully monitoring official public health advice regarding COVID-19 and is taking steps to ensure the wellbeing of represented adults, stakeholders and staff. 

The Office of the Public Guardian is implementing measures and currently undertaking alternative operating arrangements and as a result the following strategies have been introduced: 

  • Visits by members of the public, clients and other agency staff to the Office of the Public Guardian are discouraged until further notice. Contact can be made during business hours via phone, teleconference and video link facilities. The after-hours On Call phone service for urgent decisions remains operational.
  • Face to face meetings, unless critical, will not occur and participation of staff in all meetings will take place via phone or teleconference.
  • Meetings already scheduled will be either held in one of these modes or postponed.
  • As of Monday 30 March 2020 we are delivering of our services via telephone and email with a number of our team members working from remote locations.


Our contact details remain 1800 810 979 or via email at public.guardian@nt.gov.au. Telephone calls and emails continue to be received and responded to with urgent matters being prioritised.

As this continues to be a rapidly developing situation we will keep people informed of any service changes via notices on our public website. 

The Office of the Public Guardian is taking these measures to prioritise the health, safety and welfare of the community of the Northern Territory. 

If you have any concerns please contact us by phone or email.